About us

Cedar’s database services, online marketing solutions and in-depth consulting services aim to help businesses turbo-charge their marketing activities. Our offerings will not just help your organization achieve its goals, but also take its success to greater heights.

Whether it’s reducing the occurrence of bouncing marketing mailers, optimally leveraging the value of the data you already have or reaching the widest possible audience for your products and services, Cedar has a solution that will fulfil your specific requirements.

And if you have database service requirements that don’t fall into any of our existing categories of offerings, we can provide you tailor-made solutions that build on years of expertise in the field.

Our team of 30 professionals have wide ranging experience in email marketing, database management and e-commerce. They bring with them a wealth of cross-industry knowledge – from banking and finance to IT and healthcare, their insights into how modern businesses function in an increasingly connected world is sure to help give your organization an edge over the competition.

Why People Choose Us

Cedar stands for Quality and Reliability

Quality in all that we do and reliability of our products and services are the bedrock on which we build our customer relationships. Delivering less-than-perfect products and services is not an option for us.

No compromise on quality

Services such as database management and email marketing have to be quality-conscious in order to be effective. Wrongly collated databases, incomplete information, inaccurate and invalid data – all these can negatively affect a business in more ways than one. What is needed for successful database services is a commitment to quality and this is something that Cedar guarantees its customers. There won’t be incomplete data sets or typographical errors from us. We know the risks that wrong information poses to the modern business and this is why we will never compromise on quality.

Always reliable

A database management service that consistently falls short of promises or compromises on timelines is of no use to the business of today. Reliability is key to successfully delivering the services that Cedar offers and we promise our client that they can count on us all the time.

If we commit to a timeline, we honor it. We won’t use short-cuts or give excuses for missed deadlines. After all, our customers’ successes drive our success: it’s a fact that our team of veteran industry experts and agile minds never forgets.

Cedar began when a group of experienced marketing professionals realized that most organizations don’t have the resources to execute effective data management processes and email marketing strategies. There was a clear need for a service provider that could take these time consuming, arduous tasks off the hands of the core marketing team and deliver efficient services.

Several years down the road, Cedar has created a range of service offerings dedicated to helping marketing professionals leverage the full potential of their business data and achieve their goals.

A business built on years of experience

Our team of experts have more than a decade of collective experience between them. Experience that was hard earned whilst working with some of the leading database services and email marketing solutions providers, e-commerce giants, start-ups and consultancies.

Our innovative offerings have helped businesses large and small across the world acquire new customers with ease, grow revenue, and implement marketing programs that deliver results.

If your online marketing programs haven’t been meeting your expected goals, if you find a high percentage of wrong contacts on your email business lists, if you feel that your databases need to be cleansed of duplicate data in the most efficient way possible – then Cedar has world-class, quality solutions for you that are reliable and innovative.

Take a look at our service offerings to find the right one to suit your business and if you feel that you need further expertise to boost your marketing activities, then we can provide you the right know-how through our Consulting Services .

Our Specialization

Business Email List 93%
Data Appending 90%
Data Cleansing 95%
Email Appending 96%
Contact Appending 95%
Consulting 60%