In today’s world it is very important to ensure your lead database is accurate. There are several times, when we come across redundant or dead data. We are sure many have faced issues while connecting with people for various marketing reasons.

As wonderful as your customer database may be, there are probably some holes in your customer information that can be filled in. That’s where data appending comes into play.

Data appending gives you the ability to learn more about your best customers and then find new prospects that look just like them.

How is an append done?

A community’s database is cross-referenced against a list company’s lifestyle database of self-reported information. There is a large range (thousands) of selects that can be appended, including household and individual level profiles. Empty fields can be populated, new fields can be added, and outdated fields can be overlaid with purchased information.

What are the benefits of appending data to an existing database?

  • It increases the value of existing contacts by completing/adding information to their profiles. This helps sales counselors better understand individual demographic and psychographic characteristics, which allows them to sell to contacts with more information on their background.
  • It helps sales counselors and marketers to better segment existing contacts according to certain criteria. This allows communication and interaction to be more targeted with relevant message content and helps determine a strategic approach to overall messaging by reviewing lead and buyer profiles. Additionally, appending this information into the community database also allows better segmentation for particular inventory.
  • Existing leads and residents can be analyzed and modeled to refine purchased prospect lists, and to anticipate likely future behaviors and buying trends.

Hence, it is very important to ensure your data is checked & appended from time to time. When was the last time you checked about your data’s accuracy?